Keeping Perspective

While you go through your job search, it’s important to take a few steps back now and again to maintain your perspective. You may be excited about new opportunities, but do not let your enthusiasm mean that you do a poor job during the last few weeks at your current job. You may be feeling really disgruntled or disappointed about your old job, but don’t let that get in the way of how you exit that job, and don’t gripe and grumble about the workplace. Be professional and courteous, and always maintain a standard to do your best work. Friends that you are leaving behind will not feel slighted if you depart in that way, and your reputation as a decent individual will be maintained.

Keep your wits about you when your job search gets frustrating. Make sure that you take time each day to eat right and get some exercise because that helps you to stay strong. You can also spend some time reflecting on and visualizing your goals.

Velsoft’s course on portfolios and resumes (Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio) contains a section on managing the job search. Refer to your notes from that course to help you stay motivated and to ensure that your next job is the one that you want. That course also contains a section on thank you notes to which you should refer to learn how to thank the people who help you as you go through your work search.