AI Assisted Specifications Writing Workshop

Warms Ups and Tips for Public Speaking

Since people often experience butterflies or stage fright before speaking in public, here are a few exercises to help you get going. In addition to doing some relaxation exercises, it also helps to know your content (in this case, your portfolio, résumé, cover letter, and work‑based vignettes). You should also be familiar with the values and goals of your prospective employer, and be comfortable relying on the tips that we discussed earlier.

  • Arrive ten minutes early so that you have the chance to calm your breathing and focus on the activities that are coming up.
  • Visit a washroom in the building. It puts things into perspective and reminds us that we all have bodily needs; even the interviewer will have had to visit a washroom today.
  • Go through a 1-2-3 exercise, like the one below:
    • One thing that I like about this company (or building) already
    • Two things that I accept about myself
    • Three things that I like about myself