AI Assisted Specifications Writing Workshop

Informational Interview

This type of interview is one where you have initiated contact and have asked an employer that you are interested in if you can come talk to them. Your conversation might start like this:

“Hello Ms. Smith. My name is Ima Looking and I have recently graduated from school with my diploma. I understand that you sometimes hire people with my background, and I would like to learn more about your company. Would you be able to meet with me for twenty minutes sometime next week?”

Ms. Smith may reply that she would be happy to meet with you and schedule the appointment. If she is not interested, she may simply say that they are not looking right now, but that you are welcome to call in a month. If so, be sure to record her information in your daytimer so that you can follow up.

If you are unable to meet with Ms. Smith, you could politely ask her if there are other companies within the industry that might be able to use someone with your background. If she can, she may provide you with a referral. You can also ask if there is a good time to contact her again, perhaps in three or four weeks.

Make sure that you thank Ms. Smith for her time. Remember that you may be contacting her again or that you may be acting on her referral. Be polite and professional.