AI Assisted Specifications Writing Workshop

The “Weakest” Question

Employers will ask you interview questions about your strengths, so make sure you know what those are. They may also ask you to describe your weaknesses, which can rattle some people. If they ask about a weakness, offer an answer that also describes what you have done to overcome that weakness so that it doesn’t stop you from doing your job.

Once the interviewer has finished asking questions, they will ask you if you have any. You need to prepare several. Try to create questions that you do not think the employer will answer during the interview. Look beneath the surface and explore things that you really want to know about the place you are considering.

You can modify the samples below to suit your needs and area of work.

  • What methods of training are currently being utilized here?
  • How much time is granted for mandatory skills updating for staff?
  • What are the first objectives for a new person coming into this role?
  • In which area do your priorities need the most attention?
  • Do you have other specific projects that you want me to be involved in?
  • What is staff turnover like in my prospective department? Organizationally?
  • What could I expect by way of orientation?
  • Who is responsible for emergency preparedness training? Fire safety? Health and safety?
  • What would make me want to work here more than anywhere else in this industry?